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Product EST_8F4331.jpg
detailed view
1952 Schwinn Deluxe Spitfire
Born November 1952
This is in great shape except someone scratched some flames in the top of the back fender so the red primer shows, could be painted over but it's covered pretty well by the back rack. Makes a one of a kind cruiser, you won't see anyone else on one of these.
1 $250.00
Product EST_Jo67118.jpg
detailed view
1953 Schwinn Tornado
Born March 1953
This is a really clean womens bike, even has the front jet plane head light
Single speed
Product EST_B442909.jpg
detailed view
1964 Schwinn Hollywood
Born February 1964
This is a beautiful early blue Schwinn Hollywood, bike will be equiped with brand new rims & white wall tires that were not installed in this photo.
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